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Yeshu Satsang Dallas/Indian Church Dallas Testimonies

"..followed Jesus along with other Hindu gods since high school in India. Get so much peace reading Bible. God answered our prayers Appreciate all the encouragement, and affection we receive from Yeshu Satsang. - SJ"

"Grew up as Catholic..you are the best I met, because of  your personal visits and encouragement,  now our family read more Bible, pray and our relationships have gotten better - CM"

"..since high school in the US followed Hindu tantric guru from Northern India for 15 years, leaving nothing but emptiness, came back to Christ and got transformed..- JM"

"..came from orthodox Telugu Hindu priestly background who perform rituals. Once encountered Jesus, keeping him #1 and it changed my life for good.- R"

"As from Tamil Hindu background, I learned two important things, how to love neighbor and how to love your enemy from today's discussion at Yeshu Satsang - MJ"

"..from Telugu Non-Christian backgrounds, our family w/kids found peace by giving Jesus and Bible a priority in our daily life - RP" 

"Grew up as Hindu's in Africa, stayed away from Jesus for decades in-spite of many of our own cousins favorable testimonies. Finally accepted Jesus, read Bible everyday and now our life is a completely turnaround from what used to believe before - JL"

"Grew up in Andhra Hindu family, my personal life has changed because of Jesus. Found job, a good wife and blessed with two kids - SK"

"It is good to see you guys started the Yeshu Satsang in our neighborhood - SS"

"I am  a hospice volunteer in Dallas. Thank you so much for providing Jesus stories for a lady. You are such a kind person and I sincerely appreciate your efforts in getting this material - P"

"Prayers answered, Recent doctor visit confirmed, my wife to have a baby - KD" 

A Hindu discovers Jesus Unexpectedly - Venugopal

Pray for India

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Are you feeling overwhelmed with life and problems?

There’s a spiritual side to every problem. Yeshu (Jesus) Satsang can guide,  get thru the trials and storms of your life.

Do you or someone you know have problems, in need of spiritual help and prayers?

“In the Name of Jesus There’s Power…” For Healing & Deliverance! Begin a relationship with Yeshu Masih (Jesus Christ).  Yeshu Satsang  team can visit and assist you further...