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The Christmas Story

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  • Yeshu Satsang is an Asian Indian Church Dallas/Indian Home Bible Study is a small Bible Jesus Centric all inclusive friendly home group meets regularly in Dallas  / Frisco / Plano / Lewisville, Texas.
  • Indian Church Dallas is pre-dominently Indian sub-continent people with diverse linguistic, geographic, and cultural backgrounds from Dallas-Ft. Worth area.
  • Indian Church Dallas group discussions, encouraging testimonies and studies are in English. However, we have no language/region barrier's, and openly welcome all from Indian subcontinent. 
  • At Indian Church Dallas, we are loving, compassionate, non-judgmental, and celebrate all special occasions including birthday's, anniversary's, mother's and Father's days, Independence days, Thanks Giving, Easter, Christmas, New Years, etc.
  • The original Greek Ekklesia (Church) mentioned 107 times in the Bible always refers to people (not a building or place you go to do something) - meant a gathering, assembly. Early home Church DNA was "Koinonia" (Greek word means partner, sharer, and companion) deep fellowship with one another thru love, Teaching the Truth from Bible, Prayer, Accountability, Help the poor, Encouraged to live outwardly, Share Joy and good news with others.
  • At Yeshu Satsang Dallas, we are unique with no hierarchy, Jesus as center of our life's, passionate about spiritual growth, transformation, better families, balance priorities in life, the joy of serving, etc.   
  • Do you like meeting genuine folks filled with Yeshu's Prem (Love) and Karuna (Compassion), positive influences on you and your family? Do you long to find true meaning of life, and make friends who honestly like to pray and invest their time in your life?  
  • If  you already know or seek to explore more about Lord Jesus, then give Indian Church Dallas/Yeshu Satsang Dalas a try?   
  • Feel free to search and click on links on this website to learn more about Yeshu Satsang Asian Indian Church Dallas group serving the Indian community in Frisco - Dallas Ft. Worth area. For more info: yeshu.satsang.dallas at gmail dot com 
  • Next month's Yeshu Satsang invitation - http://evite.me/2z769RnQ8N



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Yeshu Satsang Kids - Gifts, Talents and Treasure

Yeshu Satsang Kids Gifts, Talent and Treasure!!  As Bible says, Children are an inheritance and are a reward from God. Encourage and train up a child in the way he should go, and when old they will not depart from it. Spiritual transformation happens when kids come to know Jesus at early age. 

Indian National Anthem - Jana Gana Mana..

Yeshu Satsang Kids - Yeshu Satsang Dallas team partners with parents to prepare the soil of kids’ hearts so seeds of faith can grow, and a true relationship with Jesus can happen. In these video's, kids will share their understanding and knowledge about Jesus and His teachings. For more video's visit, Yeshu Satsang Kids  

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