येसु सत्संग डलास में आपका स्वागत है - Welcome to Yeshu Satsang Dallas

About Us


  • Yeshu Satsang Dallas (Jesus Truth-Gathering)  was formed in Dec - 2018, is all inclusive small group of Yeshu bhakta's (Jesus followers) pre-dominantly from Indian sub-continent/South Asian region.
  • Yeshu Satsang Dallas /Asian Indian Home Church Dallas is multi-ethnic group diverse linguistic, geographic, and cultural backgrounds from Dallas-Ft. Worth area.
  • Our primary services are in English, however we openly welcome all South Asian - Indian sub continent languages.
  • At Yeshu Satsang Dallas (Jesus Truth-Gathering), you will find a safe place where you are accepted for who you are, and will be nurtured to become what God wants you to be.  
  • We are not perfect but we are genuine, loving and caring. 
  • At Yeshu Satsang Dallas (Jesus Truth-Gathering), we strive to treat every person in the way Yeshu (Jesus) would with unconditional Love and Grace. 



  • Yeshu Satsang Dallas (Jesus Truth-Gathering) vision is to reach, know and encourage folks from Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex region, who either know or seek to explore more about Yeshu Masih (Lord Jesus). 
  •  Yeshu Satsang Dallas was solely established to  explore the purpose and meaning of life from the Bible.  

Core Values

  • Explore truth and meaning of  life from Yeshu (Jesus) teachings in the Bible.
  • Grow spiritually thru guided reading, discussions, personal testimony's of others.
  • Set example and evidence of fruit of the spirit like Jesus in our lives. Live life by  simplicity, self-sacrifice and humility principles.
  • Food, meet and greet others after each gathering. Will celebrate monthly birthdays, anniversary and all special occasions.
  • Yeshu Satsang Dallas offer home visits, women ministries with prayers for healing and a fellowship opportunity. 
  • Yeshu Satsang Dallas encourages children's Talent & Treasure. Visit Yeshu Satsang Kids.  

For more info: yeshu.satsang.dallas at gmail dot com