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Yeshu Satsang Dallas (Jesus Truth-Gathering) Next Monthly Meeting - November 10th (2nd Sun)

05:30PM - 08:30PM

The Colony TX 75056 Ph # 972-916-1022 (Text)

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Yeshu Satsang Dallas (Jesus Truth-Gathering) Next Monthly Meeting - November 10th (2nd Sun)

You are invited to join, if you already know or seek to explore more about Lord Jesus.  RSVP via following evite link: http://evite.me/SCh4VgJakJ

05:30PM - 08:30PM

The Colony TX 75056 Ph # 972-916-1022 (Text)

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 Yeshu Satsang Dallas (Jesus Truth-Gathering) In Hindi, Yeshu means “Jesus” and Satsang means “gathering of the truth.” Through small study and discussions and encouraging testimonies, we like to explore the purpose and meaning of life from the Bible. A greatest story of all time to everyone, everywhere, in every language, surpassing all regional and cultural boundaries of this world. 

Historical evidences and facts  indicate Yeshu (Jesus) is very unique and according to Time magazine, Yeshu(Jesus) is most influential figure in the history of mankind. In Islam, Jesus (Isa) is the most mentioned person in the Quran by reference. Quran mentions Jesus (Isa) pure birth by Maryam (Mary), Jesus (Isa) performing many miracles that includes casting out demons, etc. Baha’is believe Jesus is who He says He is. 

According to Hindu scriptures, the three gates that lead all mankind to self destruction are: desire, anger and lust (Gita 16:21). God alone liberates, offers refuge, peace, and the supreme bridge from death to immortality..(Upanishad 6:18-19).  Having acquired human body if we do not attain oneness with God in this life, it is suffering with endless cycle of birth and death - Kupanishad 2,3,4 (6,4). Yeshu (Jesus) taught  moksha  and oneness with God is possible only thru "God Karma". Establish inner spiritual discipline (sadhana) by having an intimate relationship with God, seek instant forgiveness and begin a new life, receive  already paid in full (पूर्ण भुगतान)  free eternal Gift, etc.


According to Gospels, crowds were amazed at Yeshu - Jesus teachings and His supernatural power over sickness, spiritual forces, nature & death itself.  His words were good news to many and Jesus loved the outcasts (women, the poor, the unclean, oppressors, racial enemies, etc.), tearing down the walls of division, reset the boundaries, restoring dignity and value to those on the margins. Yeshu (Jesus)  was close to the broken hearted and often rescued those crushed in the spirit. Yeshu (Jesus) was motivated by full of compassion &  love and calls us to follow him and do the same. 

Yeshu (Jesus ) and His bhakta's (followers) have left an indelible mark in the history, and continue to profoundly impact cultures and societies across the globe. Yeshu (Jesus) words, actions, and  clear teachings, all inclusive both Jewish and non-Jewish audience, is obvious that Jesus undertook a mission for all mankind.  The values of our modern world that are universally upheld have not risen by accident, but are the fruit of the transforming power of the good news of Yeshu (Jesus) that originate from the life and teachings of Yeshu (Jesus). 

If we focus only on our circumstances, we’ll get distracted and overwhelmed, and we’ll sink. Often people think they know all or too prideful seeking help, but if we look at Yeshu (Jesus) encounters with various men & women during his life, we will find some of our assumptions challenged that are not true. Everyone in their life, at times feels a need for "strength", "protection", "guidance", others may help but it is not enough and can't expect to be there 24X7. 

Our lives may be confused and meaningless. We need someone to show us how to live and make the right decisions.  Why not follow the example of one who lived a perfect life - same kinds of problems (temptations, sufferings, etc.) we face, and "who always made the right choices"? He has left "an example, that you should follow His steps"? Yeshu (Jesus) offered over flowing river of new life (Naya Jeevan) with abundance of joy, hope, freedom, blessings, and promise to those who seek and follow Him. Yeshu(Jesus) became source of blessing to many through his own sufferings. 


Yeshu (Jesus) meeting people at the point of their big, unspoken questions like Who are we, and why are we here? Why be a good person; why love instead of hate? What’s wrong with the world—and what, if anything, can make it right? Short earthly life, and anything beyond?  When people encounter Yeshu (Jesus), it's a game changer in their life. But how exactly can we encounter Jesus - The Prince of Peace and The King of Hearts? How can we get a victory and find a everlasting joy in this fallen world? 

"..Get so much peace reading Bible. God answered our prayers. Our family relationships got better. Learned how to love enemies and neighbors. My personal life a complete turnaround because of Jesus. Appreciate all the encouragement, family visits and support I receive from Yeshu Satsang.." ****Visit Powerful Testimonies  page*** 

You are invited to join, if you already know or seek to explore more about Lord Jesus (Yeshu Masih). We will meet for two hours (approx incl food fellowship) once a month on 2nd Sunday evenings. We will use "Yeshu (Jesus): The Guru" (Book of Matthew) to guide our discussions. This book is available for a small donation, if you like owning a copy. 

Yeshu Satsang Dallas next monthly meeting evite sign up: http://evite.me/SCh4VgJakJ 


Children are God's Gift and Inheritance, for Talent & Treasure, visit Yeshu Satsang Kids.   

**Light snack/refreshments will be provided at the end. Yeshu Satsang Dallas welcomes entire family w/kids. Feel free to bring a friend and a potluck food/snack/special item if you like to share with others, but don't make that as constraint not to come. If you have any special needs, pls contact us below ahead of time.****


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